Sunday, March 31, 2013

Favorite Spots: Antwerp

Happy Easter, peoplez! Hope you have a nice weekend and don't overdose on chocolate!

Today I want to tell you about some of my favorite spots in Antwerp. I visit Antwerp quite frequently, wether it's to meet with friends, to shop or visit an exhibition.


First up is Jili, a place with delicious coffee and bubble tea. 'Bubble what?'- you say. Bubble tea is all the rage is Asia and the Asian owners of Jili brought it to Antwerp. First you chose the tea, then the additional syrup and at last the bubble or jelly's flavor. I prefer the bubbles to jelly's, because they're more fun. Once in your mouth, the bubbles just pop and you can taste the flavor (insert dirty thoughts).
I must say I'm totally addicted to their bubble tea and the special coffees are pretty great too. Not only the drinks, but the interior also makes this place special. Both minimal and cozy and those rose gold lamps, I want one for home!

Jili Bubble Tea
Nationalestraat 100, Antwerp

The Public Image

One of my favorite shopping spots is The Public Image. With the friendliest shop keeper, Nele, the sickest beats and the coolest clothes selection in town, this store is worth visiting! You can find everything from jewelry to shoes (JEFFREY CAMPBELL!!!!) and also a selection of the coolest vintage garments. I must restrain myself every time I'm there, so beware for your wallet!

The Public Image
Wijngaardstraat 16, Antwerp

What are your fave spots in Antwerp?!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Russian Revolution

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick and/or busy this week. The weather is still pretty awful, at this point it already seems it'll never get warm again. But enough complaining.

I wanted to show you two spring haute couture lookbooks that I'm pretty proud of, because they are from Russian brands. Russian fashion was as good as absent on the major catwalks for the last decades, but then came the revolution. Russian fashionista's as Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko  first took over the street style site's and after that the runway. Ulyana and Vika also presented their own collections, Ulyana being the very popular one.

Also the Russian 'beau monde' doesn't look as kitschy and tragic anymore. Off course there're still figures that do, but the influence of these four girls, luckily, turned the tide for Russian fashion.

Bohemique Demi-Couture Spring 2013

The first collection I want to show you is by Bohemique. There's not a lot of or none background information on the brand itself, only that it's a duo, but every collection so far has been gorgeous! A lot of them are inspired on lingerie, so a lot of lace and see through fabrics. Both Ulyana and Elena love wearing Bohemique.
You can also clearly see the resemblance with Ulyana's style in latest collection.

Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring 2013

The Spring collection of Ulyana is super romantic with just a touch of country flair in the form of straw garments. The hand painted pictures on the accessories are a hint at Russian fairy tales. The backdrop of the defile was also also a giant book of fairy tales.
The collection was inspired by Scarlett O'Hara, which a style icon for Ulyana, from Gone With the Wind.
I absolutely adore this chique prairie girl look!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Torn leather

So, remember my Margiela x H&M leather pants that I scored for just 20 euros? It appears this was their real value. After wearing them for a few times my right knee ripped open on what already was a one shitty day, a few weeks ago. I was mad and disappointed and the pants only made it worse. Well, at least it was just my knee and not my ass seam that ripped, speaking of luck, right?!
As I later figured it out, the leather itself was just a few millimeters thick and the lining wasn't much better.
The rest of the pants now shaped up to my body and are even loose around my waist.

I'm still disappointed, but at least I still can wear them. It even may look as I did it on purpose, holes and tears are as hip as ever. Just imagine some mad woman paid the original price of 400 euros!!! for them and had the same happen. I'd go berzerk for sure!

I went to see the American rock band Halestorm play in this outfit. The concert was in a pretty cozy and small venue and it was really good and very hot! After all these guys won a Grammy this year for best Rock/Metal Album. The lead singer, Lizzy, has an amazing voice that I'm soo jealous of and amazing guitar skills too. All the band was super friendly and humble which is always nice.
This was my second time seeing them play and I'll definitely will be going again the next time they play here.

2013 will be the year of great concerts for me.

Wearing: Lipsy leather jacket, H&M faux fur vest & bracelet, C&A shirt, Margiela x H&M pants, Sacha boots, Michael Kors watch, Twice As Nice ankh bracelet, Asos earrings, Name necklace, Six rings.

Found these, initially, toe rings in my drawer recently. While it's impossible to wear them on my feet now, decided to give them a new purpose and love the result!

Thanks to Indra for the pictures ;)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Advertorial: Sunglasses Shop

The upcoming spring, which seems to take ages, is the perfect time to get a new style of sunnies on.
As you already must have noticed accessories are an important part of my look and sunglasses are accessories too (duh). I must admit my collection is huge. Besides my basic black Laramie Ray-Bans that I wear quite often all year around, I also own some special pairs. I like to be able to choose depending on the outfit, the weather, my mood, ... 

If you are a lover of sunglasses like me, I recommend to check out the international Sunglasses Shop.
You can choose your country or region and shop away. Women as well as men can find sunnies for any occasion and any budget. With prices starting as low as £6 and a free delivery you sure can find bargains.
And there're a lot of brands and designers to choose from, yes, even Chanel.

Among the different search criteria such as color and frame you can choose from models according to face shape and hairstyle! Sounds handy to me!

Currently on my wishlist is a mirrored pair in green and/or purple. Oakley has some nice pairs, drooling away. Let spring finally come to town!

Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue Paris by Hans Feurer

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let the sun in.

After making an inspiration post on yellow I decided to follow up on it and wear some yellow myself.
As the borderline weather has taken a turn to freezing yet again, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my yellow sweater. As it's pretty warm, it was perfect for this weather.
Me and bestie visited an expo about fabrics at MOMU, which was rather boring btw. As the weather outside was absolutely not picture prove (read snow and rain and crazy wind) so we took pictures inside.
Basically all there to tell.

Wearing: Thrifted sweater, Zara dress, Hema knee high socks, Veritas necklace, Sacha boots.

This outfit would also look pretty nice with my glitter Asos boots from the previous post, but the weather sucked so... I do like how these boots toughen the outfit a bit.

Monday, March 11, 2013

In transition

Last week we had a sudden spring preview with temperatures skyrocketing to +17°. Unfortunately we're back to almost zero degrees again. 
As I told before, I'm so sick of my winter wardrobe, I want to wear dresses and my leather jackets without freezing. And so I did yesterday, unfortunately it was kind of freezing, but still.
I'll be pulling my winter coats and faux fur out again next week.

As about me, I've been very busy, handling things and so on. This week is also pretty packed, some pleasant stuff coming up too, as meeting with friends, going to the movies, a gig and a party. Busy bee, but today I'm staying in, reading magazines and studying for my driver's license.

Wearing: Karen Millen jacket, Primark dress, Asos shoes, H&M scarf, Michael Kors watch.