Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perfect pair of pants

I was on the lookout for a nice pair of pants. Most of the time I hate choosing and buying pants. So, I was on the lookout, just a bit, because I don't really shop these days. It's 'look, but don't buy' these days. So I was at the local vintage store T2 the other day and they had their monthly '1 Euro' days again. It was the last day, so the store was almost cleared out, except for some grosse retail mistakes. I wasn't expecting on finding anything, but somewhere, in the back of a rack I found these pants. Which happened to be in my size.
My style has evolved to a more 'mature' stage, although I can still pull something crazier off once in a while.
So, I'm in love with these classic carrot pants. Pants named after food are always cool in my book btw.
I want to wear them every day, they fit every blouse that I have. And I get a major kick out of the fact that I bought them for just 1 EURO
Think Twice can be a place of wonders. I found many great items there, including a ball gown.

I want to live in my scarf during these cold days. The only thing reminding me of summer is my fading tan.

Wearing: Ytay jacket, H&M sweater, scarf & leather bracelet, thrifted pants, Zara shoes, Michael Kors Watch, ebay claw cuff, gifted earrings,Vivienne Westwood orb brooch.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Smart look

Glasses are just another addition to the wonderful world of accessories. The right model makes or breaks your face and look. Luckily I've been blessed with 100% sight, so I don't need to wear glasses yet. Though, one day I'll need a pair and I already know exactly which pair to choose. I'm a major sucker for cat eye glasses, which are witty, classy and elegant as hell. Finding cat eye glasses or sunnies in stores isn't always easy, but the internet is a magical place where everything is just a few clicks away.
Smart Buy Glasses is a site that offers a major amount of glasses and sunglasses. You probably already heard about it. If you are searching for a special pair of glasses, you have a big chance of finding them there. The site is also very practical, not only can you choose from different designers, but also from different frame models. Just select the frame you prefer and a selection of glasses or sunnies pops up.

I've been browsing through cat eye frames and found some nice pieces. Oh, the beauty of cat eyes!
I ship these glasses so hard!

I hope Tom Ford keeps up his incredible work for years to come, so when I finally need a pair of glasses I can get one. Isn't this just perfection?! I really prefer a bold statement frame to the boring 'office' glasses.

The great thing about the site is that you can choose prescription lenses for any sunglasses. So still looking stylish and keeping the comfort of glasses during those sunny days.

One of my favorite looks from Marilyn. She wore this pair of glasses while shooting 'How to Marry a Millioner'.

These girls could perfectly fit in at the Mad Men office.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too sweet

If you are actually reading what I write, then you probably remember that I wrote that I'm much more into pants these days. While wearing this outfit I even felt somehow uncomfortable. I don't think that the skirt is really to blame, I just hated to wear tights again and really let go of the summer. Also, the outfit as a whole was a tad too sweet to my liking. I don't really aim for sweet in my outfits, but shit happens, huh?!
You know that feeling when you get out of the house wearing something that you end up feeling blah about the whole day? That's kinda what I felt that day. I just really wanted to wear my new collar necklace that I got a while ago and pearls can be lolita sweet. 
It's not that I was really insecure about the outfit, I was just a bit annoyed and on edge. Maybe because it was pretty cold that day. However looking back on it, I like how it turned out in the pictures.

Wearing: Primark jacket & collar, Zara sweater, H&M skirt & rings, Eram loafers, Monet & Co brooch.

Tea with bestie to warm up.

Ghent is a fairy tale

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bloggers Closet Sale

Want to revamp your wardrobe for coming fall and winter?! Then the Bloggers Closet Sale is the perfect place to be. This Friday me and a bunch of fellow Belgian bloggers are organizing a closet sale. The sale is going to take place during the Antwerp Fashion Night powered by Knack Weekend.

Every participating blogger is known for their unique style, so there'll be something for everybody. Come have a look, sip a Tao, eat a delicious cupcake by Patty Cakes and give our clothes a new loving home!

For more info check out the facebook pages of Antwerp Fashion Night and our Closet Sale 

Want to come and have a look before the madness begins? We're starting an hour earlier with a private sale.
Want to make a chance to be a part of the private sale and discover everything first? 
Mail me at 
I'll be choosing three lucky readers.

Friday 28th of September @ Happaertstraat 21

See you there and don't forget the cash ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pants again

I must admit I kinda forgot about the pair of these red pants this year, so I decided to wear them once again.
Such classic navy & red outfits are one of my favorites. Spicing it up with a hat and boots gives it a slight rock 'n' roll feel. I'm set on wearing more hats this fall.
I was also having a very good hair day, loving the volume. Wish it looked like this every day!

Wearing: Part two jacket, 1-2-3 top, Forever 21 jeans, Sacha boots, Asos brooch, Michael Kors watch, Vans hat.

You need a boyfriend to at least be able to borrow a hat from him, no?! If he wears one at all...


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jeans & loafers

Lately I've fallen into a comfort zone of pants and loafers. I turn to comfortable clothes for casual days, sometimes accessorizing to give it a little special feel. When you have no where to go and nothing special to do, it's just easy. I guess I'm getting older.
Yesterday, when wearing a skirt I even felt kind of uncomfortable, though that can be due to the over sweetness feel of the overall outfit. 

I'm struggling to welcome fall. All of a sudden it's too cold and I'm already freezing while wearing an oversized knitted sweater and a leather jacket.
Oh, well, nothing to do about it. The only plus is the softer light. I hate it when it's too bright.

Longing for those warmer days.

Wearing: H&M blouse, necklace, ring & studded bracelet, Silence + Noise jeans, Essentiel loafers, ebay claw cuff, American Apparel earrings.

I noticed that a lot of my readers are a fan of my claw bracelet, so here it is again. I also have it in silver, will show it soon. For those who want one too, just search ebay, lot's of them at a good price!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Before the change.

This Sunday we experienced what probably was the last summer day.
No more summer outfits from now on. I still hope to be able to wear some semi light clothes to make the transition.
We spend the sunny day welcoming a wonderful boy with a baby shower. The hot topic of the shower being babies and the question when it's our 'turn'. Well, babies are not on the agenda for a few more years here, so stop asking, people! First we should get that house of ours ready, which takes 'a bit' longer than initially planned. Isn't it always?! Moving in this year won't, unfortunately, be possible. But still, it's ours, so we only have to wait a few more months.

So here's my last summer look of this year.

Wearing: Zara tee, Forever 21 pants, H&M heels, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Storm ring.

Watcha lookin' at, people?!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Curls Wanted!

I've been blessed with shiny, straight, Asian locks, but as most of straight haired girls I dream of luscious curly hair. Though shiny and pretty, my hair is as flat as can be and that I hate. In order to create volume I rarely brush my hair, tangled = messy volume and a bit of a grungy look. Some probably went on thinking 'gross' at this point. Also hair spray is my best friend, which means even more tangling up. Though even through years  10 years of coloring abuse and many hair spray bottles later, my hair is still okay and I have a lot of it.
So, not brushing is pretty much my solution for volume.

Wanting curls, but being lazy to do something about it. Except for a painful accident during my teenage years when I decided to get a perm. Now I only use my curling iron about twice a year, tops. 
So, being bored and unemployed I decided to go to battle and get my curling iron from under the dust.
Using a youtube tutorial with a very lovely girl promising natural looking curls I started the two hour during battle. It took me at least 10 minutes to figure out the technique she was using and even more when I switched sides. 

The result was slightly different from what the girl's hair looked like. Hers were longer, the curling iron thicker and I think I let mine curl longer, which results in a much more prominent curl. My second day curls resembled her result a lot more. Though this technique isn't the easiest, I liked it and will try again in the future.

As my curls looked a lot more 'classic' I pulled a beloved 50's retro look for the pictures.

After shaking it up a bit, a rock 'n' roll look. Borrowed my bf's new GNR tee.

 So which one you like more?

And here's the tutorial

Friday, September 14, 2012

Essentiel outfit

This is what I wore at the opening of the Essentiel store. I really wanted to wear my new skirt that I scored at the sales at Zara. The whole summer I was looking for a maxi skirt, but all I found is this. This skirt combines the best of both mini and maxi. I love it's quite edgy design. To tone a drama down a bit I wore it with my new jeans jacket. Another item that finally found a way to my wardrobe after years of longing.

Wearing: Primark jeans jacket & shoes, Zara blouse, skirt & bag, H&M ring, ebay claw cuff, DIY earring.

A bit of Jessica Rabbit ;)

Pictures by Nathalie from The Merrymakers

In other news, as you can see I have a new layout. I think it was time for something more structured.
Though I still have to get used to it myself, I like it. Change is usually a good think.

What do you think?!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

MAC Make-Over + Essentiel Opening

Some exciting ,blog related, stuff has been happening over here lately. Two of those things were the MAC make-over I won with my face chart during a UPR blogging event and the opening of the Essentiel Accessories store in Antwerp. These two events combined on the same day were the perfect opening of the new blogging season for me. 
The MAC make-over came in handy, I could just relax and afterward attend the Essentiel opening with perfect make-up. I chose for healthy, glowing skin to accentuate my tan and a pop of fuchsia on the lips to match my new shoes. I really loved the result and want to thank UPR for this opportunity!

The face chart that won me a make-over.

The final result. Before clearly shows me without any make-up whatsoever. The shade of lipstick is called Show Orchid.

Afterwards followed the opening of the Essentiel Accessories store. You've probably already noticed that accessories play an essential  part of my style, I have tons of them. So couldn't be happier to attend the opening of an accessories store. Essentiel is known for their use of bold colors, even the winter collections are full of them. No more sad and dark winter days with Essentiel. The new store is right next to the clothing store, perfect for a total shopping experience. I fell in love with several of the items in both the clothing and the accessories section. Just have a look yourself.

Lot's of my favorite greens in the collection, swooon.

Essentiel stores can be found at Lombardenvest 37 in Antwerp